• Oppose Right-to-Work Legislation

    The current National Political party in power is attempting to implement national right-to-work (for less) legislation via H.R.785. Please be aware of the impact that this will have to your life. Right to work states earn an average of 10% less across the entire workforce (skilled crafts have a much greater discrepancy) and they have […]

  • Poker Tournament

    Friday, March 10th, 7:00pm – 11:00pm.  Email Todd Templeton at Templeton@ua290.org  


    If you are experiencing difficulty loading or viewing the registration page, please download Google Chrome and set as your default browser. Free Chrome Download As you have probably noticed, the UA290.org website has undergone a redesign. One of the new security features on the site will allow for all users to have unique usernames and […]

  • PAC Committee Candidate Questionnaires

    All candidates seeking the endorsement of UA 290 in 2016 elections will be asked to complete a candidate questionnaire. The PAC will also conduct candidate interviews for candidates who have not been endorsed by UA 290 in the past or if there is a particular issue the PAC wants to raise based on a candidate’s responses to the questionnaire or voting record. All first time candidates should expect to have an interview with the PAC. Candidate interviews will happen on a rolling basis at PAC meetings each month beginning in January.