UncategorizedApril 7, 2020

Don Salle Membership Assistance Program

Don Sallee Local 290 Members Assistance Program:

  If an active member of the UA either Local 290 member or a UA traveler with a travel card deposited in our dispatch office is unemployed for thirty days or more, contact the front desk at the Local 290 office requesting assistance and one of the ladies will e-mail the appropriate person who will get in touch to verify qualification.  If you are on short term disability for thirty days or more make sure to contact Members assistance. If a member is not sure if they qualify call regardless and find out.  Once the e-mail is sent the requesting person will receive a phone call to work out the details.  The members of Local 290 fund this program and it is members helping members. 

Please let me know if this will work or if you have any suggestions.  I wanted this to be as easy as possible with out including a lot of information that will be cluttered.  The idea is that once I make contact with the requester I can qualify them and let them know of other available services that they can use.

Thanks, and Take Care,

Dave Stahly